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American Lebanese Cultural Center

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Photo credit by Julia Nabil

One of the things that makes Lebanon great is its diversity and we pride ourselves at the American Lebanese Cultural Center on maintaining that diverse makeup in our Board of Directors. 

The American Lebanese Cultural Center (ALCC) is a nonprofit social and cultural group located in Houston, Texas, USA that has no religious or political leanings and we have no affiliation other than a deep and genuine love for Lebanon. Our goal is to bring together the community by hosting quality programs and events as we promote appreciation and understanding of Lebanese culture and heritage. The ALCC was founded in February 2014 and since then we have obtained local, national, and international recognition.

The Board of Directors oversees the daily activities and affairs of the ALCC and no Director is paid for their time as it is strictly a volunteer effort.


  • Mr. Fadi Dimassi - President
  • Mrs. Munia Chehayeb - Vice President
  • Mrs. Mary Khazen Karish - Secretary
  • Mr. Fadi Kanafani - Treasurer
  • Mr. Mike Bazzi - Parliamentarian
  • Mrs. Layal Assi - Board Member
  • Mr. Rabih Chamseddine - Board Member
  • Mr. Bilal Itani - Board Member
  • Mrs. Rita Sahioun - Board Member


  • Mr. Ali Daher
  • Mr. Bill Haidamous
  • Mr. Fadi Dimassi
  • Mr. Fadi Kanafani
  • Mrs. Fadwa Saleh
  • Mr. George Murr
  • Mrs. Lydia Noshie
  • Mr. Marcel Najjar
  • Dr. Mazen Abdallah
  • Mr. Michel Chammas
  • Mrs. Munia Chehayeb
  • Mr. Nabil Elkareh
  • Mrs. Rita Sahioun
  • Mr. Sam Najjar
  • Mr. Sam Masri
  • Mr. Samih Baaklini
  • Mr. Wadih ElHajj
  • Mrs. Zeinab Kachmar Zahid


  • Dr. Issam Raad, Honorary Member
  • Mr. Mac Haik, Honorary Member
  • Dr. Philip Salem, Honorary Member


  • Ali Daher
  • Bill Haidamous
  • Fadi Dimassi
  • Haidar Assi
  • Lili Bejjani
  • Lydia Noshie
  • Samih Baaklini
  • Sam Masri
  • Pierre Sahioun
  • Rita Sahioun
  • Wadih Elhajj

Who We Are

Our mission is to promote, preserve, and celebrate the rich heritage and diverse cultural traditions of the Lebanese community in Houston. We are committed to fostering a strong sense of belonging and community among Lebanese Americans, as well as encouraging cultural exchange and understanding between the Lebanese community and the wider Houston population.

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9950 Westpark Dr.
Suite 415
Houston TX 77063


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